Once you have made the decision to purchase a piano you should give consideration to the pro's & con's of buying a used instrument versus a new instrument.  Pianos can be compared to automobiles in several ways.  There are many high-quality new and used pianos available in today's market.  There are also some new and used pianos in very pretty wrappers that you really don't want to buy.
Used pianos are like used automobiles: over time and through constant use parts wear out and need to be repaired or replaced.  There is NOTHING on a piano that cannot be repaired, but some repairs can be very costly.  You certainly wouldn't want to pay $500 for an attractive used piano only to find out after the fact that it needs $1000 in repairs before it can be played.
All of the pianos at Wilczynski Music have been re-conditioned and come with a guarantee.  But, we understand we may not have a piano you find attractive.  It is for that reason that we offer to perform, for a nominal fee, an appraisal evaluation on any piano you may be wanting to purchase or sell.  It will be well worth your money($50 - $75 depending on travel distance) to hire a qualified piano technician to evaluate any piano prior to your purchase.  Call or E-mail us with any questions.